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Welcome to Florence – where Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, and all the Renaissance geniuses lived and learned art. When you talk about Renaissance, this is where all began.

I fell in love with Botticelli and his works and came to Florence to indulge myself. I had a great career my future was promised. Yet there was this passion that I could not ignore. I left my successful career to follow my passion. After 2 years, I have found myself becoming a certified guide of Florence finishing 800 hours of professional training in Italian.

My tours are special – not only I explain about the meanings of artwork and history, but I go further into philosophy behind the art. Renaissance is not only about art, but it was the awakening of humanity, to put emphasis on human. Without it, there was no discovery of the new continent; it also led to Enlightenment which was the base philosophy of the French revolution.

Florence is full of art and beauty, but also it had a firm philosophy that supported them. The economy flourished from 13th to 16th century, and they used it also for welfare to the citizens. Florence also was the first city to build a public orphanage, had a welfare to help the “ashamed” poor, and the first country in Europe to ban death penalty. You will have a totally new view of Florence with my guided tours.

I came here in the pursuit of my passion for art and Florence. It is my greatest pleasure to share my love of beauty and uncover the secrets of Florence.

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